Saturday, 8 December 2012

Nina Nesbitt: Underneath the Apple Tree

This week we're chilling out this weekend, as we listen to this. It's been a hectic week, full of work and parties and now it's time for the wind down. This is the perfect song for that in my opinion. Since working for this new magazine I've had less time to update. I've had to sign a confidentiality agreement though so I don't know how much I can say, but we've been kinda busy and we're going to be exceptionally busy.

Have a fab weekend though. :) xx

Defying Gravity: Katerina Bodrunova

Katerina Bodrunova is a Swedish artistic photographer who began her career in 2009. She is self-educated in photography through passion and enthusiasm for the subject. Since 2009 she has featured in many exhibitions and competitions including solo exhibitions in Moscow, Russia. She has also been published in many artistic magazines and received awards from many a prestigious photography competition.

Much of her photography defies the physics of nature, saying a huge fuck you to the law of gravity in particular, suspending people in the air, defying gravity and performing the Tango underwater.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

M.O - Wait Your Turn

I heard this song on the radio today, and I loved it. It made me stop and want to dance getting my groove on. They're urban without being rough, and their edginess is sharp like a knife. A pin prick of urbanite chick, these I feel are a piece of me getting to my urban routes in the words of Tulisa.

Monday, 3 December 2012

From Childhood Anime: Iain Macarthur

At the age of 8 Iain Macarthur became engrossed in his art work. Introduced originally to art by cartoons and comic books, he began by drawing fantasy drawings and Anime characters throughout his childhood. As he drew more his skills progressed and he began to divert from Anime to real life drawings aiming he says, to make his drawings "more detailed and photorealistic".

Influenced by a number of artists and illustrators between his inspirations there are a number of different styles at play from Alphonse Mucha to Gustav Klimt and Lucian Freud. He has also gained a lot of his inspirations from cartoon lighting and facial expressions, enjoying to play around with these and see what he can create.

Having graduated from Swindon College with a HND in Illustration he hopes to progress onto a BA in Illustration in the future. He has however had many big clients despite this lack of Bachelors showing that he is definitely a talent worth waiting for. His clients include ASOS, Umbro and Don't Panic.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Summer Lovin': Clover Canyon

Clover Canyon is a celebration of beauty. Each collection aims to celebrate the colourful exoticism and laid back nature of the californian sun, sea and sand lifestyle. Streamlined silhouettes, colourful prints and clashing patterns al make for an eclectic mix of exuberant summery fun. 

Designing in collaboration, the team design original prints and art works for the body in order to frame, enhance and beautify our bodies. Everything is designed in-house with the clothes being manufactured in the USA, alongside the prints being printed in the USA. Everything is homegrown (if you're on the other side of the Atlantic to me). 

Available at soem of the finest stores in the country, including Saks on fifth avenue, Nat-a-Porter and Neiman Marcus. 

Never Let Me Go!

Hi Guys,

So this is the soundtrack to my weekend. I'm feeling a bit run down because of the cold - so this is just nice in the background whilst I chill out and most importantly, stay warm. I've had a fully hectic week this week, hence my lack of posts - of which I am going to try and catch up on now. Firstly, I went out with some friends and had an amazing time, but the following day I had in an interview for a new job - which I got, and now the family are all over too so it's a hectic household for the weekend. With the job interview I got a position made especially for me. She wanted me as a writer but more within the magazine, which will be launching in February. So I'm PA to the Editor and a Features Writer as well. Exciting news. Really exciting news.

I'm going to brainstorm some ideas for some features in a moment, once I've caught up with you guys of course. SO that's exciting, no?

And as if my Saturday couldn't get any better, it is Saturday which means the X Factor baby!