Saturday, 1 December 2012

Never Let Me Go!

Hi Guys,

So this is the soundtrack to my weekend. I'm feeling a bit run down because of the cold - so this is just nice in the background whilst I chill out and most importantly, stay warm. I've had a fully hectic week this week, hence my lack of posts - of which I am going to try and catch up on now. Firstly, I went out with some friends and had an amazing time, but the following day I had in an interview for a new job - which I got, and now the family are all over too so it's a hectic household for the weekend. With the job interview I got a position made especially for me. She wanted me as a writer but more within the magazine, which will be launching in February. So I'm PA to the Editor and a Features Writer as well. Exciting news. Really exciting news.

I'm going to brainstorm some ideas for some features in a moment, once I've caught up with you guys of course. SO that's exciting, no?

And as if my Saturday couldn't get any better, it is Saturday which means the X Factor baby!


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