Monday, 3 December 2012

From Childhood Anime: Iain Macarthur

At the age of 8 Iain Macarthur became engrossed in his art work. Introduced originally to art by cartoons and comic books, he began by drawing fantasy drawings and Anime characters throughout his childhood. As he drew more his skills progressed and he began to divert from Anime to real life drawings aiming he says, to make his drawings "more detailed and photorealistic".

Influenced by a number of artists and illustrators between his inspirations there are a number of different styles at play from Alphonse Mucha to Gustav Klimt and Lucian Freud. He has also gained a lot of his inspirations from cartoon lighting and facial expressions, enjoying to play around with these and see what he can create.

Having graduated from Swindon College with a HND in Illustration he hopes to progress onto a BA in Illustration in the future. He has however had many big clients despite this lack of Bachelors showing that he is definitely a talent worth waiting for. His clients include ASOS, Umbro and Don't Panic.

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