Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I Am An Individual. I Have A Voice: Kelly Shaw

Kelly Shaw is a design brand about fun, passion and being the opposite of boring. The ethos of the brand is to fight the boredom in not only the conservative nature of our fashion and style, but also of our lives.

Inspired by youth movements such as the Occupy London movement, the London Riots and George Orwell, she likes to entice, challenge and captivate her buyer. They are loud and flavoursome as people - unafraid, pro-active and ill behaved in the eyes of our capitalist nature.

Playful in essence, the S/S 13 collection unleashes the freedom of childhood with the rebellion of the youth movements creating a culture clash of fun and mischief. Each piece is loud without shouting, opinionated without being brash and says, in it's own unique way, "I am an individual, and I have a voice."

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