Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Product Review: OBEY Snapback

I bought this cap the other day. I order it off of E-bay, good ol' E-bay and it came before it's first predicted date, which I'm obviously happy about. Estimated delivery was between the 4th december - 24th December, so to receive it in November still was an obvious bonus. Although I am supposed to be receiving this hat as a christmas gift but shhhhhh...

So I love it. It is sturdy, well made, has already survived a rainy night out and it still looks brand spanking new. It's for the tom boy within me, the androgynous side of me that likes to indulge in baggy jeans and sleeveless tops from time to time. The part of me that loves skating as much as I love shoes, the part that loves my Fred Perry's as much as my wedge heels - and I think my hat is super cool.

I love the contrast of the cheetah print to the black and red - I think it compliments one another well. I also like the the snap back is made of plastic which is handy for keeping the rain out of the face on rainy days I realised. This hat I feel can be worn in a girly outfit or a complete dress-ike-the-opposite-sex day. Either or, I think it has scope to work.

So I'm a happy customer. I definitely recommend buying your snapback caps on E-bay because there is a wide selection on there for 1/8th of the price of the high street - and despite coming from China, it came quickly. I'd like to thank the speedy chinese for being efficient.

Best and all, xx

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