Monday, 26 November 2012

'Lure' by Kate Mccgwire

I went to the Kate Mccgwire's Private View of 'Lure'. As her first major solo exhibition the exhibition explored her sculpture in the face of life and death, beauty and vermin, possibility and impossibility. The exhibition feature smaller works of art mounted upon card where illusions and patterns had been created using feathers, creating uniformity with nature's own, patterns of the impossible, a regular pattern from irregular feathers. It also featured monstrous sculptors which I imagine to be bigger than the boat she lives in even, consuming your entire entity, engulfing your every essence, fleeting the notions of life and death before you - the dead bird's wings of a bird who eats death for survival.

Overall the exhibition was powerful and intriguing in the fine detail used to create the sculptures, the fine detail that aligns the feathers in beautiful succession.

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