Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Kate Moross for Benzel feat. Jessie Ware

Kate Moross is a London based creative. The director of Studio Moross, she is a graphic designer as well as able to animate, as can be seen in the video collaboration with Benzel feat. Jessie Ware for “If You Love Me”. Even though I quite like the song by collaborative duo Benzel, I’m more fascinated by the graphics and technicolour dreams that are created.

Having always wanted to be an inventor as a child, she now realises that that is “basically what a designer is.” Even though she works hard, her motto is something along the lines of work hard and play harder, “work hard, but not too hard. Take time off, go on holiday.” Whilst she feels the most important skill-set for a designer is software, “know your software, and fill the gas in your knowledge when you need to, you should also focus on explaining and communicating your creative ideas. Having Crits at school and with your peers will prepare you.”

Her biggest milestone in her career was directing her first video for Simian Mobile Disco, “most people will think it was the Cadbury’s campaign, I would say that was a close second.”

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