Monday, 12 November 2012

Sebastien Tellier: Russian Attractions

Sebastien Tellier is a french singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His video for the song Russian Attractions is seductive in innocence, and dramatic in essence. Whilst slow moving dancers grace in synchronisation to the intensity of the strings, the drama builds.

The song, about falling in love is about the intensity of the pull of love, hence the term falling is used. The video re-iterates this notion whilst synchronised swimmers climatically swim in tense timing with sharp movements combined juxtaposed to slow drowning shots that draw you in as a viewer and take your breath away - you too are drowning in love.

The video effectively capture the notion of love, the seduction of the dancing, the mesmerisation of the movement and the timeless quality of traditional dance are used with modern technology to provide a modern yet timeless effect upon the audience.

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