Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Style Queen: Norelle Rheingold

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"I'm self-confident, and I know I look good"

Norelle Rheingold is a 22 year old photographer with an individual taste for grunge, vintage and D.I.Y fashion - these it seems, are 3 of her main ingredients that make for a style cocktail of Norelle. Described as, "one rad chick" the photographer, and soon to be designer, always had a knack for style and outfit composition, choosing her own clothes as a child to alter them herself. Sometimes mixing a Ninja Turtles blouse with yellow and red polka dot leggings finished with pink ballerina pumps. In retrospect she describes this look as silly, but to us, it is just a style fanatic in the making. Since when were the Teenage Ninja Turtles not cool? Uhhhmmm...never.

 "My style is now a mixture of thrift store chic, kitsch, grunge, pop-culture, futurism, goth, punk and D.I.Y." She describes her favourite places to shop, as you would expect from a thrift store queen, to be off the beaten track: second hand shops, flea markets and most importantly, thrift stores. "The fact is you can find outstanding unique stuff at very low prices, and each piece has it's own history."

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